• May. 10th, 2009 at 9:33 AM
polychromatic: stock image (.01)
I don't have any particular reason for choosing to have a Dreamwidth account; I'm not disgruntled with LiveJournal's services and I haven't read up on the differences in philosophy or what-have-you between the two. I just wanted a place to ramble aimlessly about things that have caught my interest without the flailing, capslock, keyboard smashing that I've become prone to in my "personal" journal, and without subjecting everyone on my "friend's list" to it. So I apologize in advance for my inane entries; it's just nice to get a random collection of thoughts out of my head and into something I can peruse at a later date to go "... huh" over.

I picked "polychromatic" because I had wanted that name for my icon journal a couple of years ago and had to settle for "polychromic" instead. Plus it makes me think of rainbows, and rainbows make me happy. Yes, I am pretty shallow.

And now my journal is no longer empty, mission accomplished!

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